Dial Timer:

Dial Timer is a free, open-source, system tray application for Microsoft Windows and written with the latest ActiveState Perl for Win32. It is a small easy to use timer for dial-up-networking that shows a warning when you reach a customizable time limit. Especially useful for dial-up users who use an ISP that disconnect them without warning after a specified limit. Use this utility to dial your connection and then popup a warning when you reach the customizable limit without taking focus away from the current window.
Latest Binary/Executable:
DialTimer V0.99 Beta - [Download] [Readme]

Latest Source Code:
DialTimer V0.99 Beta Source Code - [Download] [Readme]

Dial Timer Sourceforge Project Page
Adam Forster's Homepage
Dial Timer is Copyright 2003, Adam Forster, released under the GNU Public License

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